To have a society where all women are able to actively participate in the 4th industrial revolution, be financially free and still have time to raise our future leaders. We are mothers who support motherhood and understand the importance of a comfortable childhood.

“I wanted to create a space where moms, like me, can learn how to code in a safe environment and be able to bring their kids along too. Through the Coding Mamas events and platforms, we aim to create a safe space and experiences that allow moms (and their kids) to prepare for the digital economy; by upskilling themselves, connecting with others and have access to the necessary resources.”- Nelisa Ngqulana, Founder of Coding Mamas


Stats SA reported that the rate of unemployment amongst women was 29,5% in the second quarter of 2018, compared with 25,3% amongst men. The rate of unemployment amongst women was 7,5 percentage points higher than that of males”. This number is bound to increase (StatsSA, 2018).

Through our programmes, we will provide moms with the skills necessary to stay relevant in our digital environment and earn a sustainable income.